Thursday 16th September 2010: One Offer…One Route…One Lunchtime!

Aer Arann has launched a unique new online campaign, titled ‘Regional Roulette’ offering significant discounts on specific routes on its network on a weekly basis, beginning this Friday September 17.

The campaign evolved following the phenomenal success of the airline’s frequent ‘Happy Hours’ – an online campaign that offers customers surprise discounts across its network for one day only over a three hour period.

With ‘Regional Roulette’ the same method applies, however the offer will instead happen every Friday between 12pm and 2pm as opposed to sporadically. The element of surprise lies in the fact that the route that is being discounted and the offer itself will not be revealed until it becomes available on at 12pm on the day.

Aer Arann customers that are signed up to the airline’s regular ezine will have the added benefit of being directly notified by email at 11.30am on the Friday if the region they are from is included on that day’s ‘Regional Roulette’.

Aer Arann’s Twitter followers will also be notified simultaneously. All other customers can simply log onto the website between that two hour window every Friday to learn what the discount is and what route it applies to on that particular day.

Commenting on the campaign, Aer Arann Corporate Affairs Director Andrew Kelly said “Having recognised the huge success of the ‘Happy Hour’ campaigns we are now adding an additional element of surprise and anticipation with ‘Regional Roulette’.

This campaign, as with our ‘Happy Hours’, will be solely advertised via online media, a channel we have embraced over the past year and which is proving hugely popular with customers. Once again we will be using a combination of website advertising, direct email and social media to promote ‘Regional Roulette’ to passengers” he added. 

Mr. Kelly also confirmed that the airline would continue to offer regular ‘Happy Hours’ occasionally across its network as well as the new ‘Regional Roulette’ campaign.

For further information on Aer Arann’s Regional Roulette campaign and to learn about offers, visit every Friday between 12pm and 2pm. Customers can also sign up the airline’s ezine via the website and become a Twitter follower on

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